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Let's be honest

Learning a new concept on the CPA exam can be tough and uncomfortable, especially if you’ve been out of school for years. Trying to learn tough accounting concepts from a book or online videos will leave you feeling lost and struggling to keep up.

It's impossible to learn if you are:

– Reading and taking notes
– Getting anxious just thinking about the CPA exam
– Dreading studying
– Putting off studying to the weekend
– Searching the internet for better explanations
– Watching YouTube videos to understand complex accounting topics

And to make matters worse, the more you read the book, the more confused you get.

I’ve spent the last 7 years teaching over 100 students everything from basic Accounting all the way to the dreaded CPA exam! They have all succeeded not because they learned how to memorize a formula or because they can recite something from there book – but because they learned how to learn!
Learning is an art – not a science. Anyone can memorize a formula, but very few people understand how to learn new topics quickly and easily.
Once you learn how to learn – you can break down any Accounting topic you like quickly, easily, and with ½ the effort it would normally take you.

In addition, I will show you how to:
– Learning according to your own individual style
– Breaking down hard concepts into simple steps
– Creating notes and methods that you can use now and in the future
– Translate complicated accounting concepts in everyday English
– Effectively use your time
– Reading/understanding questions the right way

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Linkedin Recommendations

  • Let’s be honest that there are plenty of tutors out there that are capable of teaching you the information needed to pass the CPA exam. Vishal is not only meticulously knowledgeable of all sections of the exam, he is your biggest cheerleader. If you have ever studied for this exam, you know that motivation is key in order for you to stay concentrated in passing all sections. Vishal was always on top of me, helping me stay focused. He would send me texts of encouragement, reminding me of the goal on days I felt like giving up. That’s the kind of tutor you need to in order to pass these exams, one that is not only educated and able to break down every detail in a manner for YOU to understand but someone who is always reminding you of your potential and the finish line! I can’t recommend Vishal enough.

    Victoria Mitchevska

    Accounting Manager
  • I was struggling with the CPA exam for quite some time and I was urgently looking for an acknowledgeable CPA tutor. I had initially started using Becker CPA Review and had no success with it. Feeling alone, this caused me to lose motivation in its entirely for the exam. It was until I met Vishal and everything just seemed to “click”. Vishal does an excellent job of breaking down tough accounting principles into ways that anyone without an accounting background can understand. Vishal has created his own clear and concise study guide notes which are super easy to read. His notes alone have saved me countless number of hours from reading the long Becker textbook. Reading the Becker book wasn’t the best use of my time and I wasn’t being efficient. What had taken me a few hours on one topic took me fifteen minutes with Vishal. During our tutoring sessions, he was very patient and he would explain the material until I fully understood it. Vishal CPA Prep is not just a review course; it’s a one on one teaching course. He will teach you all the fundamentals to pass the exam. Further, Vishal was able to tie in CPA exam accounting concepts to real life practices due to his work experience of working at PwC as an auditor. I found this extremely beneficial because I was able to relate real world experience to the exam! Finally, he will create you a customized study schedule according to your busy life! I would highly recommend Vishal to any CPA candidate who is in need to look for a tutor to pass the exam. Vishal can definitely get you over that “hump” you need to finally become a CPA. No matter if it was a late weekend night or weekday – Vishal would always make himself available when I had questions. Go do yourself a favor and invest in Vishal as he will help you gain the most important designation of your life – the coveted CPA license!

    Faizan Seedat

    Visionary | NPC Athlete | Entrepreneurial Neuroscientist | Digital Transformation | Author
  • Vishal taught me the material in a way that was easy to understand and remember! I use to HATE journal entries, but grew to like them because of the way that Vishal teaches! He would point out some problems that were tricky to make sure I really knew the material and was reading the questions carefully. There were certain topics that I could never grasp and dreaded thinking about getting a simulation on it, but after the tutor sessions I was hoping I got information on that certain topic, because I knew it so well! I went up 17 points in my REG score from our tutor sessions! Overall, I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is struggling and needs a different approach to the material!

    Katherine (Katie) Gillon

    Internship at BKD CPAs & Advisors
  • So far I’ve worked with Vishal since December 2019 in preparation for the CPA. He has undoubtedly helped me, not only by simplifying the material itself, but also encouraging and motivating me along the way. Since we’ve started working together, I have passed both BEC and REG and will continue to tutor with Vishal for the remaining two sections of the CPA. While I have access to test prep material, combining tutoring sessions as an additional source of study has been very successful. Vishal has also helped me created study plans and remain on top of the material for each exam, which can get overwhelming. He’s always available to answer questions and has been a great guiding force throughout this process. I can’t recommend his services enough!

    Brooke Davis

    Incoming Risk Advisory Associate at Ernst & Young
  • The CPA exam can feel extremely intimidating and overwhelming alone, but with the help of Vishal I was given all the support I needed to study for the exam! Vishal also helped me tremendously when it came to staying on a specific study schedule, which can be one of the toughest parts about taking this exam. Additionally, I was worried about keeping up the motivation to push through all 4 parts, but with Vishal helping the whole way gave me the accountability I really needed! I highly recommend Vishal for CPA tutoring services if you do not want to feel lost in this whole process, and seek to be more effective and efficient in preparing.

    Harpaige "Paige" Gill

    Master in Professional Accounting Student at The University of Texas at Austin
  • I would highly recommend Vishal to any CPA candidate who is in need to look for a tutor to pass the exam. Vishal can help you get to the finish line in passing the exam. Vishal makes himself available at all hours of the day to help you pass. I truly believe I couldn’t pass the exam without his help. I thank him for his support and guidance to help me pass the exam. Without him I wouldn’t be able to call myself a CPA today. Thanks Vishal.

    Eli Amstadter

    Lead Revenue Accountant at Sirius Computer Solutions
  • Vishal does a great job of breaking down tough accounting principles using his own clear and concise CPA study guide notes, which are tailored to common troubled areas students have. Additionally, his customized study schedule is custom made to your busy life. I would highly recommend Vishal to any CPA candidate who is looking for a helping hand and a fast track to licensure.

    Rohan Shah, CPA

    Senior Consultant - Mergers, Acquisitions, & Divestitures at Deloitte
  • When I first purchased my Becker CPA study material, like many students, I was extremely excited to begin working towards my goal of becoming a CPA. I was at the library one day studying and was randomly approached by Vishal who noticed I was studying for the CPA. He offered to tutor me right then and there, however I wanted to give it a shot on my own before reaching out for help. I quickly realized working full-time as a tax accountant and trying to study for the CPA is no easy task. Busy season hit and there was very little time and motivation to study. Out of the blue, about six months after our first encounter at the library, Vishal texted me asking how studying was going. I explained to him my struggles and decided to schedule a Skype meeting with him to talk more about how he could help me. Long story short, choosing to work with Vishal has been nothing short of a blessing. The amount of material that is in a Becker CPA test book is absolutely absurd and trying to study it all is a recipe for disaster and not an efficient use of time. What really separates Vishal from other tutors is that he created custom study guides that break down all the important information in each chapter. Just a study guide you had in school. I can honestly say I only uses Vishals study guides when studying. I barley pick up the Becker Textbooks anymore and it has saved me a ton of time. If you are looking for someone who is invested in your success and who is obviously willing to go the extra mile to help you succeed, take some time out of your day and reach out to Vishal. You will not be disappointed.

    Jordan Nianick

    Staff Accountant at Robbins & Associates LLC
  • Vishal has been a wonderful tutor for the CPA. When looking for potential tutors, it was clear Vishal was the best. Along with being very flexible for tutoring sessions, you can tell he has put in countless hours before and after each session in order to make you succeed. For the FAR test, we had an unreasonable timeline, but Vishal made the time and really helped me crank out and learn the material extremely quickly. From study guides to sample questions, he explains everything in a very concise and easy way to understand. Working with Vishal vs. just reading the Becker book, saved me countless hours and headaches during this journey. He knows everything about the CPA test and wants you to succeed just as badly as you do yourself. I highly recommend Vishal to anyone looking for a partner who knows everything front to back, and is looking to pass the test at your desirable rate. I truly have nothing but wonderful things to say about Vishal. Highly recommend.

    Blake Green

    Trading Associate at Cresset
  • I had initially reached out to Vishal after taking each part of the exam and coming close but never passing. In the months that I have been using Vishal he has helped me so much, His study guides are a game changer and I can’t imagine studying without them know. The study guides Vishal has created breaks down the exams into pieces that are easier to take in and in an order that is easier to understand. His techniques make the exam much more manageable compared to Becker and Wiley. Becker and Wiley can be overwhelming and confusing but Vishal gives you smaller bite sized pieces and is always there to walk you through it. He is always available and willing to work with your schedule. Often times I was too busy with my work schedule to meet during the week and he would always make sure we went over everything I needed to on the weekends. I’d highly recommend using Vishal to anyone who is looking to pass the CPA exam, Vishal will make it a great experience.

    Kathleen Pike

    Senior Tax Associate at RSM US LLP
  • After passing BEC, REG, and AUD, I got a 73 on FAR. As the end to my 18 month window was approaching quickly, I knew I had to try to find a study source outside of the Becker software. There were a few concepts on FAR that I was struggling with understanding. I had used the Becker software to prepare for all of my exams, but I felt that some topics weren’t explained well especially in FAR. Vishal was able to answer any questions I had plus provide a study guide that broke down the information in FAR in a different way from Becker. Vishal’s knowledge of the topics and ability to break them down in a simple way through the study guide allowed me to increase my 73 to a passing score. If anyone needs help getting over the finish line, I would highly recommend using Vishal as a study resource.

    Tori Harrigill

    Audit Associate at KPMG
  • I was struggling with the CPA for some time until I came across Vishal who was a complete life changer! His knowledge on the CPA topics combined with his structured schedule/plan helped me prepare for the CPA exam. During our preliminary discussion, he examined which topics I struggled the most with and he prioritized as such. He broke down each topic in a more practical and digestible way that is easy to grasp and understand compared to becker where it is more high level and tougher to understand. During each of our session, Vishal would go through various examples and solve them in different ways which helped me better tackle the problem. Furthermore, Vishal made a comprehensive study plan in which he was specific as to which topics will be covered and what should be done to be prepared for them. He would give a brief summary on each topic being covered along with his detailed notes which were laid out easy to understand manner. I have tried numerous different study plans but his study plan worked the most efficient and effectively!

    Zain Thaver

    Senior Associate at KPMG
  • After some time struggling to pick up on the information on the FAR exam, a friend recommended that I reach out to Vishal for some help. He claimed Vishal’s guidance was crucial to passing his exams – and he was not wrong. I used his help as a supplement to Becker and he was very flexible in terms of scheduling sessions and adjusting to my specific needs in a small period of time. Not only does Vishal break down the material in a more practical manner, he provides you with helpful tips, tricks, and mnemonics to push you above and beyond a passing grade. He knows what each student should expect to see on the exams, and does a great job at prioritizing the key concepts to focus on, as well as sharing efficient and effective ways to approach each question. Immediately after receiving my final score, I reached out to Vishal and thanked him for his tutoring, because I know without him I wouldn’t have scored the way that I did. I highly recommend Vishal to anyone looking to crush the CPA Exam.

    Daniel Goldstein

    Tax Associate at PwC
  • Vishal is a great tutor for the CPA exam. I used him in addition to Becker when studying for FAR and REG. I would not have been able to understand fully what studying for the exam entailed as well as understand the material at a level required to comfortably pass the exam without his help. He explains how to solve problems in a more practical way than Becker and is able to pick up on where you are weak and help you improve your knowledge there. His personalized study guides are much more beneficial than just reading through the Becker book. I highly recommend him for anyone wanting to gain an additional edge for passing the CPA exam.

    Jared Horowitz

    Staff of Audit and Attest at Citrin Cooperman
  • I started working with Vishal after failing one part of the CPA three times. Once we began sessions I passed FAR, AUD, and REG all within the span of a few months. The guides that he has created for studying are SO helpful – I used them more than my book from Becker. Vishal has alternative ways of explaining the material that the books don’t give you and it completely changed my way of thinking. If you feel like the books aren’t explaining things in a way you understand, Vishal will definitely be able to change that. I would absolutely recommend Vishal to anyone who needs that extra push to pass.

    Madeline Peterson, CPA

    Customer Success Analyst at LogicGate
  • Vishal’s test prep teaches you efficiently, first and foremost. He teaches you exactly what you need to know for the exams and helps you master each chapter. He provides expert assistance by breaking down the material being tested in ways that are easy to absorb and keeps you engaged throughout each chapter. Having his help throughout the process made the preparation for this test infinitely easier. I’d recommend Vishal to every CPA candidate. Thank you so much Vishal!

    Jake Mitchnick

    Tax Consultant at Deloitte
  • Vishal was recommended to me by a friend and I can’t stress enough how valuable his process was to my passing of each part of the CPA exam on the first try. I was lucky enough to get in touch with Vishal as I was struggling to find traction and confidence with studying for the Regulation section, which was my first exam. With Vishal’s help I was able to ace my first exam and there was no looking back after that! With Vishal’s guidance, I was able to pass all 4 of the CPA Exams consecutively with flying colors! Vishal’s deep understanding for each section of the CPA exam and Zen-like approach to teaching for the exam creates a sense of confidence with the process that translates into exceptional results on test day. Going through his process for each exam allowed me to approach each test day with confidence and with the feeling I have the knowledge to adjust for any complex questions on the exam. Vishal was always there to answer any questions or concerns and review tough problems even when I wasn’t in a scheduled session with him. For each section, Vishal created a detailed schedule which included a breakdown of chapters to read and practice problems to work through which allowed myself to find an efficient pace of studying leading up to test day. Further, his strong knowledge on the accounting industry (being an auditor working for the Big 4) allowed him to tie concepts from the exam to real practices in the accounting industry which benefited me greatly throughout my first year in Public Accounting. For anyone that is looking to invest in this prestigious designation, I say look no further and please do yourself a favor and reach out to Vishal! He will make this process 10x easier for you and you will accomplish one of the biggest and hardest feats with having Vishal in your back corner.

    Dan Sheiker, CPA

    Fund Accountant I at Wind Point Partners
  • Vishal is a fantastic teacher. He believed in me from the beginning and kept me focused on the important topics so I wouldn’t get overwhelmed by the rest. He was always available and optimistic about the outcome. His techniques for retaining the materials are great. It’s all about common sense and journal entries, and simple mnemonics that make the material easy to understand. I passed my Reg with 82 after 4 weeks of studying and I absolutely own my success to him!

    Aga Samras, CPA

    COVID-19 Lending Consulting & CARES Act Tax Planning
  • Vishal is the missing ingredient for CPA candidates that are just falling short of passing. After receiving a 73 on FAR and about to lose credit to BEC, I was referred to Vishal by a friend at work who used him to pass 3 of the 4 exams. With Vishal’s help and tutoring techniques, he helped me pass my final part and bring my score up from a 73 to an 82. Vishal does a great job at breaking down hard concepts taught in Becker in a way that is easier to understand. He has typed out notes that he shares with his students that are a MUST read before each tutoring session in order to really get the most out of each session you do with him. His notes, along with his way of breaking down concepts in an easier way to understand, really allowed me to pass this final part. I would recommend Vishal to any candidate out there who is struggling and is looking for that extra push to get that passing grade. Vishal is able to identify which sections you are struggling with, and makes sure that those topics are mastered before moving on. Don’t let the fear of spending the money on a tutor be the reason you don’t use Vishal. He is the key that you are missing in order to get back to living life!

    Kristopher Weigand, CPA

    Accountant at System One
  • Worked with Vishal for REG, hardest exam most of the CPA candidates would tell you, but we crushed it with ease. This comes after trying independently and not realizing how to best manage my time and study smartly. I was getting more accomplished and in less time utilizing Vishal than on my own. I highly recommend utilizing him for not only technical knowledge, but how to manage and optimize the journey ahead.

    A. Spencer Golman

    Senior Accountant at AT YOUR SERVICE (Guaranteed Rate Field)
  • Vishal is truly a master teacher with a black belt when it comes to CPA prep. He is patient, dedicated, persistent, supportive, and breaks down the most difficult concepts and simulations into bite size pieces. My child drilled with Vishal and passed the REG part, receiving a score over 90. This is unheard of given the 50 percent pass rate and recent change in the tax code. He makes himself available 24/7, sets up a customized program, and has notes that are a work in process that capture and synthesize in detail endless pages of voluminous test prep book materials. Having past the first part, my child will now work with Vishal on the difficult FAR section. Any student that can win some of Vishal’s finite time and expertise is fortunate to study under his guidance and is well on the way towards passing the four parts of the CPA examination and earning a coveted credential.

    Lisa J. Archinow, MBA, CFA Credit Risk Underwriter/PM, FinCo/Bank Ratings

    Credit Risk Manager, Senior Underwriter,Portfolio Manager, Career Banker, Adjunct Professor of Finance, Zarb School of Business at Hofstra University
  • I started working with Vishal two months ago. I had been struggling with the CPA exam for a couple of years with no success. I was frustrated, tired and losing hope fast. I found Vishal via a google search and within minutes of that first lesson I had understood the missing piece to my CPA success. He prioritized the material and gave me the relevant notes acronyms and strategies to tackle each question. His schedule was so flexible and always found time to meet with me. He answered all of my questions whether it was scheduled or just a quick text. At the end of the day being a good tutor comes down to two things, Passion and Knowledge. Vishal I’m happy to say has both.

    Allen Glenn

    Creating strong relationships is my specialty.
  • I was referred by a good friend of mine about Vishal and heard about his amazing ability to explain tough accounting concepts. I decided to give Vishal a try after being unsuccessful before. After spending months and months with him, I am proud to say that I have successfully passed REG, AUD, and BEC because of him. I took the FAR exam today and felt great coming out of it. Vishal is very professional and an extremely intelligent guy who knows his stuff inside out. Vishal is truly the best at his craft and I’m a firm believer in his methodology. He is very patient with his students and he actually teaches you the “why” behind everything. He is very attentive and breaks down each question piece by piece that even someone without an accounting background can understand! He has this incredible way of explaining complicated U.S. GAAP principles that no one can. What would take me hours and hours to understand while using Roger CPA took me within minutes to understand with Vishal! If I have questions at 11:00 pm, I know I can count on Vishal to answer my questions. I have never seen a more driven, passionate, and motivated person with so much energy. Furthermore, Vishal has the best notes that he personally created himself. It is rare to come across great talent like Vishal as there aren’t many CPA tutors in this industry that can do what he does. I highly recommend Vishal to anyone who needs guidance in getting through this tough journey we call the CPA Exam as he is worth every penny.

    Ronald Bakman

    Partner / Tax Accountant at AccountSavvy CPAs
  • I had tried to pass the CPA multiple times, and while I am still in the process, Vishal helped me pass BEC at a time when it was difficult to work and study for the CPA at the same time. No matter if I worked a late night or had to get up super early, Vishal was always there to help. His teaching methods and the way that he uses his own mnemonics for several hard topics, really helped me to understand topics of the exam better. A lot of the time the Becker lectures get boring and it is hard to follow along but Vishal helped to break every part down and answer any questions that I had. I would recommend Vishal to anyone studying for the CPA exam as he will help give you the motivation to keep on going even when you feel like you can’t do it anymore.

    Sorme Shamloo

  • After numerous attempts at Audit I reached out to Vishal to help tutor me. I am so happy I did. Becker and Roger can become very wordy and just throw paragraphs at you and it makes it hard not to get bogged down with the small details. Vishal has had tons of students take the exams so he knows what works and what doesn’t. Before Vishal I was wasting time studying the details and not really looking at Audit as a big picture. Vishal is able to provide a different point of view that Becker and Roger just can’t. The biggest thing Vishal emphasized for audit was to understand the big picture and ask yourself where in the audit process you are when looking at a question, this combined with mnemonics he created, I was able to go in and Pass audit thanks to Vishal. Often times you end up memorizing questions and answers and Vishal can spot that so he challenges you to explain your thought process which is the biggest thing people don’t do. I highly recommend Vishal to anyone who feels overwhelmed and has lost a part or failed multiple times, he will bring back the drive and motivation you need to start passing.

    Steve Fernandes

    Senior at Deloitte
  • Vishal was my CPA tutor for the Regulation exam, and I can’t recommend him enough to anyone struggling to pass any of the CPA exams. No matter the time, he always made himself available whether it was a weekend night or weekday for lessons. Vishal provided me with many tools whether it was additional practice problems, acronyms, or notes to help me better understand each topic. He always made sure I was feeling confident with each subject before we moved onto the next. It was truly a pleasure to work with him and he made the difficult journey of studying and taking the exam that much better. I can’t thank him enough!

    Jaclyn Harlan, CPA

    Audit Senior Associate at FGMK, LLC
  • Vishal worked with me tutoring for the CPA exam and helped me increase my REG score by 27 points in three months! He is personable and gives tactics that Becker and other materials don’t provide. I appreciated his help through this grueling process, no one understands the roller coaster that taking the CPA exam is like someone who’s already gone through it! Thanks Vishal!

    Sara Niedzwiecki

    Senior Staff Accountant at Scientific Protein Laboratories, LLC
  • Vishal was my CPA tutor, he was very helpful when it came to areas I felt I was struggling in, and had good strategies to use when taking the exam again. I scored an 82 thanks to him, I would highly reccomend Vishal to any other CPA candidate.

    Brittany Okossi, CPA

    Financial Services Office -Tax Department at KPMG US LLP
  • I highly recommend Vishal, he is an excellent tutor. I started taking his lessons when I was preparing for the AUD section of the CPA exam. Since Vishal is an auditor himself, he was able to explain complicated audit concepts in plain English. Vishal put so much effort into the lessons and made sure I understood every detail of the material. Vishal is a very detail oriental person. His explanations are well thought out and extremely thorough. All of which results in very effective teaching methods and productive lessons. His energetic style made me feel confident and I saw immediate improvement after just a few sessions.

    Natalya Kemp

  • Vishal helped me pass the dreaded FAR CPA exam. He took the time to explain the concepts of the principles and rules before we did examples. This approach really helped me to understand what the questions were asking! Vishal was also very flexible with his timing, sometimes hopping on calls at 8pm so he could answer a question I had! I would reccomend Vishal to anyone who needs help getting through the CPA, I could not have done it without his help!

    Nikki Hinkebein, CPA

    Financial Analyst at Comcast
  • It’s rare that you come across impressive talent like Vishal. I had the pleasure of hiring Vishal as a tutor to help me pass the CPA exam. I was particularly impressed by Vishal’s ability to explain the CPA exam concepts in a clearer and precise manner. We had many sessions together and even when there were items outstanding he would follow up to make sure I grasped the concepts correctly and would be fully prepared for the exam. No matter how difficult a topic was Vishal made sure that we both had a smile. Vishal would be a true asset for any employer.

    Lilliana Alvarez, CPA

    Senior Financial Analyst at Snap-on Credit
  • I was recommended Vishal as a tutor for the CPA by a fellow colleague. He was a key factor in my passing the REG portion of the CPA and provided me the extra guidance I was looking for. Given our busy schedules, he was flexible with scheduling and made weekly adjustments to our studying schedule to cater specifically to my needs. We spent approximately 5 hours a week tutoring for about 2 months- He was attentive in listening to my questions and was patient in explaining concepts I would struggle with. He was invested in my success and texted me prior and even after the exam-I recommend him to all my friends currently pursuing their CPA and would highly recommend Vishal for any company.

    Emily Kong, CPA

    Audit Senior at Deloitte

You don't have to do this alone.

During this call, you’ll speak with Vishal and discuss your background, address any concerns, and determine the best next steps for your CPA journey!

Meet our Founder, Vishal Gandhi.

Vishal Gandhi is a Licensed Certified Public Accountant with over 8 years of experience working with individuals, as well as small and large businesses assisting them with their financial, accounting, and auditing needs. Vishal spent five years working as an Accounting Manager in a family owned business where he monitored its’s financial activities. As an Accounting Manager, his responsibilities included generating and reviewing accurate financial statements using QuickBooks Online for the firm.

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What is the CPA Exam in the USA?

Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is the examination regulated for the candidates who want to become a CPA Expert. It is the certificate offered, maintained and scored by AICPA (American institute of certified public accountants) and administered at Prometric test centers with the partnership with NASBA (National Association of State Board of Accountancy). 

CPA Exam is the highest degree of competency in the field of accountancy across the world. The exam has a four separate section which includes –

  • Auditing and Attestation (AUD)
  • Business Environment and Concepts (BEC)
  • Financial Accounting and
  • Reporting (FAR)
  • Regulation (REG)

The exam score is based on a scale of 0 – 99 where the minimum score of 75 is required to pass any given section of the CPA exam.

WHY CPA Review Courses Important?

As a candidate deciding whether to invest or not in a CPA review course is an important decision one will make in their CPA journey. Studies show that Candidates who take the CPA review course have high passing rates. Vishal CPA is the best CPA prep course according to several independent reviewers. It is the best course for reducing study hours and preparing to pass the exam.


As the Course Features Include-

  • High-quality MCQs – Only questions you need to pass the exam. Every question includes an answer explanation and shows why it is correct or incorrect.
  • Engaging and Effective Lectures – Vishal Gandhi a Licensed Certified Public Accountant draws innovative teaching methodologies for increased comprehensions. 
  • Flexible Course Time – Flexibility which fits with your lifestyle, you can choose from our subscription.
  • Printed Textbooks – This added feature is for the kinesthetic learner. Printed textbooks include succinct and streamlined content as textbooks.
  • Complete Access – Until you pass, only pay once for continuous access and free course updates.
  • Friendly Payment Option – We offer different payment plans which can fit in your budget.
  • Adaptive Study Planner – It adapts your performance and calculates study hours based on your test and study performance.
  • Dedicated Instructors – Learn from accredited experts like Vishal Gandhi, with extensive classroom experience.


Benefits of CPA Study Materials

Purchasing the best CPA study material which suits your learning style will absolutely help you to pass the exam and become a CPA. There are several study materials available in the market but it is very important to go through each material very carefully to make the best decision.


Finding the right CPA Exam review course is extremely important.


CPA preparation courses provided by Vishal CPA Prep, LLC have helped a number of students to pass the exams. Vishal’s lecture style keeps the candidate’s attention and focus. He also manages to pull off an impressive feat. Their courses have been updated along with the CPA exam study material. The instructor reviews hundreds of multiple choice practice questions in the lecture so that you can follow along with them.


His CPA exam tutoring teaches you what you need to know so that you can pass the exam. Moreover, he helps candidates with exam scheduling, study plans and tips, testing techniques, and much more. He tailors each session for your personal need.


Vishal writes their textbook in-house and aligns it fully with the CPA exam. you will get monthly subscription access to view the CPA exam study guide. You will receive a personalized CPA Exam Study Plan which is tailored by Vishal on the basis of your exam schedule. This subscription comes for every section and you can also cancel the monthly subscription plan any time if you feel it is not working for you. The tutoring sessions will reinforce your learning. 

CPA Exam Reviews

Deciding which CPA review course to choose to pass the exam is a very important decision for the career. The review course should be your best friend for the next 6 to 18 months. Our course can easily fit your learning style and preference.


Follow 5 steps CPA Exam Guide


CPA exam has 4 sections which cover information rel

  • Learn how to become a CPA
  • Understand the requirement
  • Earn credit hours
  • Find the best review course
  • Save big on your CPA course
Things which are covered in our exam review course are-
  • Why you want to become a CPA
  • Secrets of increasing your chance to become a CPA
  • How much time is required to study
  • Best way to overcome the challenges
  • CPA exam passing rates
  • CPA exam window
  • Study tactic to pass the exam
  • Tips about updates

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